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About Us

How would it feel if all your technology JUST WORKED?
If data flowed from application to application without friction? If the reality of connected technology lived up to the promise? Would it move your business’ bottom line?

This is what successful integration achieves. And IntegrationWorks delivers successful integrations, time after time. We create simplicity out of complexity, integrating diverse systems and applications into unified, coherent infrastructures. Flexible. Scalable. Future-proof. Solutions that keep you ahead of the digital transformation curve.



We leverage the latest open standards, practices and frameworks for integration in our design and architecture to ensure you achieve maximum interoperability in your solutions.

Microservices Architecture and Service-Oriented Architecture

At IntegrationWorks we specialise in Service Oriented Integration, and our tools and techniques are based around the use of open standards and frameworks. This ensures your services are interoperable with internal and external consumers, without the overhead of having to directly manage the standards and patterns. Our pragmatic use of Microservices, or SOA ensures that you realise the benefits of the implementation in your business, not just your list of technologies. This is how we ensure our customers do not build new-legacy solutions where the same processes are rebuilt using new technology.

Devops, Coding, Release and Deployment

Our practices around integrated coding, release management and deployment are based on our proven experience of over 15 years in Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD). We leverage this method of working to ensure we remove the human element as much as possible from this area of risk. The result is reduced effort and cost, with an increase in agility.

API Strategy

Today, APIs are being used for integration, for service platforms, for innovation and for connectivity. They’re adding value both through direct monetisation and by enhancing core business functions. And of course, they’re creating partnerships and co-operative communities worldwide that are powering movements towards standardisation, as is being seen with Open Banking. Combined with the scalable processing power of the cloud, the data-gathering capabilities of the Internet of Things and machine learning, the uses of APIs are limited only by your imagination. High-performing organisations need their infrastructure development to be aligned with business growth; to be rapidly adaptable to accommodate innovation; while at the same time prioritising ease of use and prospects for monetisation.

Throughout your business, our proven approach to developing API Strategy enables you to:

  • Accelerate understanding.
  • Bring confidence to your investments.
  • Fuel agility.
  • Avoid tendencies towards complexity and drift.
License Management

License and pay for what you really need: no more, no less. IntegrationWorks provides a unique level of insight. As well as being world-renowned integration experts, here at IntegrationWorks we’ve developed a bit of a speciality in the licensing side of complex software system interactions. Remaining compliant while successfully planning and optimising your future costs takes experience, vigilance and organisation. Without them, you run the risk on the one hand of fines and reputational damage, on the other of redundancy and overspending. At IntegrationWorks, we help our clients get the best out of their software licence investment.

Our experts can sift through the hundreds – if not thousands – of pages of licence terms your infrastructure is based upon:

  • To audit and explain the cost drivers, usage limits and contractual restrictions and how they interact across multiple agreements.
  • To set up monitoring tools, automation and dashboards that will give you minute-by-minute visibility.
  • To configure your tools for optimum, compliant performance.
  • And to develop governance policies that positively shape user behaviour.

And we’ve found that for many organisations, non-compliance risks are frequently accompanied by over-licensing in other areas.

By removing redundancy and by leveraging our long-standing deep relationships with many of the vendors you depend on – such as IBM, Mulesoft, RedHat, Dell Boomi, Apigee, and many more – our licensing consultants can often save you money – freeing up resources for investment in front-line capabilities.


Quality assurance is a key part of any integration solution and can be the critical juncture of any large-scale complex project. Our methods and processes for integration testing and quality assurance, combined with our architectural and development experience ensures we detect, correct and mitigate issues and risks in your projects. Our approach is based on automating our quality assurance processes wherever possible to reduce the cost and effort to rework solutions, while improving the agility and scalability of existing project resources. 

Managed Services

One of the hardest things for CTOs and CIOs is making sure their teams stay abreast of and able to engage with the latest developments in technology and innovation.

But when you use IntegrationWorks’ managed services, that problem disappears. And when you’re undergoing major system change, that’s invaluable. Or perhaps you are going through expansion.

Whether it’s a long-term engagement or just a matter of taking off the pressure while you build up internal capabilities, IntegrationWorks’ managed services will slot in easily to your needs.

Whether you need us for software development or live operations or both, we can handle it. Your needs are what matters. Whatever your SLA requirements, IntegrationWorks can deliver.

We work with all technologies. We have an unrivalled depth of experience. And we think differently from other MSPs.

Operational Support

Our Operational Support team provides 24×7 support for your mission critical integration components. Any and all technologies and environments are supported by our specialist team.


We’re vendor agnostic. We’re not tied to any software provider. That means we can help you pick, design, deploy and integrate the ideal solution to your unique problems.


We solve business problems with Technology Integration. That’s it. That makes it sound simpler than it really is, but it’s what everything we do boils down to. Tech for tech’s sake? That’s not us. For us, technology is a means – usually THE BEST means – of achieving business goals.


Have a question or need assistance? We’re here to help! Reach out to us through the contact form below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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