Managed Services

Saving Money is with Managed Services

Managed service offerings are increasing every day across all spectrums and specialties from infrastructure, to databases, applications and cloud. With change comes hesitation as some companies query the overall business benefits versus costs.

Increasingly however, procurement and IT business units are seeing managed services as an ease-of-use model to ensure their environments are constantly evolving, allowing increased productivity and revenue.

IntegrationWorks COO Bret Duffield works with his team of DevOps, Architects and Integration Specialists to deliver integration specific managed services to clients and says the solution is a warranted money-maker, money-saver and time-saver.

“The current IT environment is struggling with digital transformation; what used to be a solution that had a long life-span is quickly outdated due to the speed of innovative and the levels of customer-oriented technologies coming to market,” Duffield comments, “keeping abreast of change, training your team and integrating with your existing environment can be a constant and costly chase.”

A comprehensive managed service offering can ensure that the business has access to specialist technologist and industry experts who are focused on enhancing a specific area of the clients IT environment.

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