APIs – Whether you like it or not…

We’re all in control of our enterprise architectures, right? If we need a new technology capability, we have proven governance and management systems in place to procure or develop them. If we don’t request things, they don’t happen. And with that in mind, if we need an API we are equally set up to procure or develop it. If we don’t request APIs, they don’t happen.

Except it’s not that simple – we don’t get to choose all our APIs. Whether we like it or not, they are springing into existence in our enterprises.  For example if you’re using Amazon Machine Learning or JIRA or ServiceNow or any other modern piece of software (especially cloud software), they all come with APIs.   They are available even if you never requested them or intended for them to be there.  

So what?’, you may ask.  The fact that APIs are springing into existence inside your hybrid cloud enterprise architecture ecosystem has implications for your hybrid cloud integration practices.  We summarise a few of those implications below and how they contrast with the APIs that you did request, design, and develop…

Here at IntegrationWorks, we’re incredibly passionate about microservices & APIs while focusing on our clients and what is right for them. Our API offerings include executive briefings, API Strategy, API Architecture and Development and how to govern your API environment in the context of your business (and how it fits with SOA, ESB, data architecture, API First and Continuous Integration).

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