Our relationship: 
IntegrationWorks loves API's and so does our partner vendor Apigee. With the intelligent API platforms from Apigee and the specialist integration knowledge from IntegrationWorks, we accelerate our client's integration maturity

Behind every successful digital channel, whether that be a smartphone, mobile app or connected device is atleast one or a series of API's. To manage an influx of data and queries, API's need to be managed, secured, monitored and scaled which is what the team at IntegrationWorks do.

The Apigee product suite helps us:

  • Create and implement API's that securely share data across multiple channels
  • Allow us to create purelu digital integration streams for our clients
  • Ensure our customers can serve their customers in a real-time in high volumes
  • Gives us access to continual data for digital transformation and revenue generation

Many of the world's largest organisations have selected Apigee to enable their digital business, and we have utilised their products in a number of engagements across Australia & New Zealand. 

For more information on our work with Apigee products, please call us on +64 4 499 0930 or email us at contact@integrationworks.co.nz

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