Eight Wire

Our relationship: 
IntegrationWorks uses Conductor in it's suite of integration tools. The combination of Conductor's flexibility and efficiency with IntegrationWorks' knowledge and experience, means customers are able to experience an all-round integration solution.

Eight Wire's Conductor makes data integration simple, automating the majority of the effort, and massively reducing costs. It integrates with all major data storage platforms, and data is encrypted from source to destination. 

Conductor offers:

  • Automated Cloud Migration by reducing the risk and cost of moving to Paas and Iaas. Conductor automates majority of the effort to make cloud migrations quick and easy.
  • Reduced Data Errors by automatically fixing data errors that can cause systems to crash. For an average customer, this means several thousands of errors are fixed every month potentially saving hundreds of hours of business downtime.
  • Encryption from start to finish as all traffic is encrypted between source and destination systems. No data is stored outside of the running process after it completes.

This partnership enables IntegrationWorks to offer their customers faster integration, that not only costs less, but also removes the stress from data integration. 

For more information on our work with EightWire, please call us on +64 4 499 0930 or email us at contact@integrationworks.co.nz

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