Our relationship: 
Premier Business Partner
IntegrationWorks partnership with IBM is long and successful, with a strong history turning our clients IT challenges into new enterprise opportunities

Working across the full suite of the IBM Middleware range, the team at IntegrationWorks are highly skilled in delivering strong API's, ESB's and specialist integration layers. Our extensive experience spans across IBM API Management, IBM Integration Bus, IBM MQ, IBM Websphere and IBM DataPower.

The IBM suite allows us to develop full integration solutions for the most complex of enterprise organisations. Whether our clients want full cloud, hybrid or on-premise data transactions, we work closely with the IBM technical team to provide real-time messaging across millions of connected devices, securing information and rapidly improving speed of transactions.

The API's & ESB's that we develop for our clients using IBM technology allow:

  • A rapid and secure digital transformation and uptake of connected devices.
  • Management and storing of a vast and ever-growing amount of data
  • Creates opportunities for businesses to creat compelling customer experiences and revenue channels
  • Re-use and repurpose existing or legacy IT investments such as data or infrastructure
  • Develop and deploy new applications and services on existing platforms
  • Add new environments to meet changing and growing business needs.

For more information on our work with IBM middleware products, please call us on +64 4 499 0930 or email us at


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