Digital Futures Blockchain

Paving the way to Digital Futures

How do you stay ahead in a fast-evolving digital world? In this article we talk about emerging technologies, monetisation of cryptocurrencies and IntegrationWorks' Digital Futures.


Good Vendor Analysis

How good is your vendor analysis?

With a huge increase in cloud adoption predicted for 2018, the number of integration solutions available has grown immensely and choosing the right vendor for your business can seem overwhelming.

IntegrationWorks' API Strategy

The IntegrationWorks API Strategy

APIs are a significant engine for business growth, but despite this, most companies have not yet created a formal API Strategy.

APIs Your Business

APIs for your business - It's time you took a strategic approach

Despite APIs being a significant engine for business growth, most companies have not yet created a formal API Strategy.

API Critical Business

How APIs Became Critical To Business

McKinsey recently identified the importance of defining an API Strategy for driving business growth. They found that, despite APIs being significant engine of business growth, most companies have not yet created a formal API strategy.

APIs Like it or not

APIs - Whether you like it or not...

We're all in control of our enterprise architectures, right? If we need a new technology capability, we have proven governance and management systems in place to procure or develop them. If we don't request things, they don't happen. And with that in mind, if we need an API we are equally set up to procure or develop it. If we don't request APIs, they don't happen.

API Tech-Breakfast Seminars

Your invite to the API tech-breakfast seminars | SYDNEY | BRISBANE | MELBOURNE

As part of IntegrationWorks’ launch into Australia, we will be hosting some breakfast sessions that focus on on the API Economy and how companies can grow successful businesses using revolutionary API strategies, architectures and technology.

Microservices for the Enterprise Part 1

Microservices adoption for the Enterprise: Part 1

Ian Vanstone, Chief Technology Officer at IntegrationWorks examines the microservices hype in this series that discusses common definitions, comparisons to monolithic architectures, early adopters and benefits, and why traditional enterprises should be informed when considering adopting microservices to their current environments.

API Economy Tech-Breakfast

The API Economy & NZ – how we can all benefit

New Zealand enterprise organisations have a thirst for API knowledge and a keen interest in what our offshore competitors are doing to enhance digital transformation, it was revealed this week at IntegrationWorks Tech-breakfast seminars.

IntegrationWorks Tech-breakfast Seminar

Every so often here at IntegrationWorks we provide the opportunity for our clients to meet integration experts and influencers from around the globe. This month, we’re working with IBM’s David Bell – all the way from IBM’s Hursley Laboratories in the UK - to present the API Management and Digital Transformation Seminars both in Wellington & Auckland. David is an API Management technical guru as well as being an IBM Master Inventor.