Bad Integration Cost

Bad integration and the cost to your business

If IT is a cost centre in your organisation, this article is for you. Because in your world integration appears to cost you money. Technology, the people integrating, and the solutions all cost you money. By some this cost may be seen as a drag on the business.

Crowdsourced Architecture

Crowdsourced Architecture: The IW Buzzword

"Open" this, anything "as-a-service", and "crowd" that. Do you ever feel as if you are caught in an avalanche of buzzwords? Crowd-sourcing is a hot topic, and for good reason. If conceived and done well it can harness the abilities and inputs of a group, and through iterative continuous improvement tend towards producing at a level and creativity far beyond the imagination of the individuals involved. This blog about crowdsourcing, was crowdsourced by our team of integration experts and written by our own collaboration enthusiast, Paul Evans.

Why BPMS projects fail

Why BPMS projects fail

Businesses that are 'business process mature' typically have an integration advantage. When it comes to technology, we've seen some great examples of using Business Process Management Systems (BPMS) but we've also seen a large number of BPMS failures. Here we share our view of what can trigger roadblocks, and tricks to add to your enterprise toolkit when implementing your BPMS project.

Great Microservice Design

5 Features of Great Microservice Design

We've talked in detail about microservices and enterprises recently. From a business operational standpoint, microservices implementations can be challenging yet greatly rewarding in the long term. Microservices do hold potential for changing the enterprise application landscape, from a technology, to people and process angle. In our last posts we've been discussing microservices funding, collaboration and managing traditional teams. In this article, we list some of the components of great micro service design - disclaimer though, this isn't all of them! Micro service design is a complex and evolving beast, so features of great design change frequently and rapidly.

Digital Transformation 2017

Transforming your business in 2017

We at IntegrationWorks do a lot of integration strategy which, coupled with growth strategy, forms the basis of Digital Transformation projects and transformation of the entire environment whether that be on a small or large scale. After a full year full of fuelling integration agility in 2016, we thought we'd cap off the year with some tips to power your transformation journey in 2017.

IntegrationWorks Monitoring Stack

IntegrationWorks develops monitoring stack for major entertainment provider

2016 was a great year for television and entertainment. The Olympic Games, US General Election, Australian Election and global events featured across major broadcast stations all requiring new technology to keep up with evolving digital, television and streaming services. Specifically, for any major television and entertainment provider, large sporting or event days are critical for revenue and business growth. This year one of our major entertainment broadcast clients were strategically planning ahead to optimise their environment systems and performance through integration of their new live streaming services to accommodate for the Olympics.

Moving towards decentralised integration

Moving towards Decentralised Integration

As the technology landscape grows across on-premise, hybrid, cloud and digital-based environments, so does the presence of or viability for decentralised integration. As we work with our clients to develop, speed up and enhance their integration capabilities we're seeing trends in the market across digital and agile teams moving to a decentralised integration formula that is in contrast to historical integration silos.

BIAN IntegrationWorks

IntegrationWorks signs membership with Banking Industry Architecture Network

IntegrationWorks, a leading integration consultancy with offices in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom has announced its membership with the Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN), a corporate industry group that aims to reduce integration costs for banks through the creation of consistent integration architecture definitions.

Are you doing Digital Transformation

Are you REALLY doing Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation is a buzzword bandied around in IT teams, outsourcers and consultancies these days. But how far into the realm of major Digital Transformation has your organisation gone? Or is it a simple case of a small transition project that is being touted as the solution to major IT problems? In this article, we identify the "levels" of Digital Transformation that we see as integration specialists and what outcomes you are likely to receive.

Gartner AADI Highlights

Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit 2016 - The Highlights

As mobile, cloud and the Internet of Things transform businesses, we find our clients need to have an application strategy that is primed to seize new opportunities. This year, as part of our integration community awareness initiatives we co-sponsored a booth with our vendor partner IBM at the Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration (AADI) Summit. Over two days we learnt, advised and networked with industry leaders in the Application Architecture & Integration space.