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Are you doing Digital Transformation

Are you REALLY doing Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation is a buzzword bandied around in IT teams, outsourcers and consultancies these days. But how far into the realm of major Digital Transformation has your organisation gone? Or is it a simple case of a small transition project that is being touted as the solution to major IT problems? In this article, we identify the "levels" of Digital Transformation that we see as integration specialists and what outcomes you are likely to receive.

Technical Integration Consulting

Technical Integration Consulting: A day in the life of...

Here at IntegrationWorks, we have a growing team of permanent staff around the world. A vast majority of those staff include our integration Architects & Developers (or our hybrid ArchiDevs) who frequently engage with our clients on a consultancy basis to provide insight, integration depth, and expertise. One of our Integration Architects has recently contributed this feedback article, giving you a snapshot into a day in the life of a technical integration consultant...