What We Do

Professional Services

Integration Architecture  |   SOA & ESB   |   API Strategy   |   RoadMap Creation   |   Programme Management  

Integration is what we do every day. Our aim is to mature your integration capability, save time, add value and provide expert insight. 

Our specialist knowledge can provide invaluable guidance to integrate your multiple IT systems. We offer consulting strategy  and architecture services for migration to cloud, Saas and Paas, on-premise integration maturity, development of hybrid systems, API management and digital transformation. The result is a clear and defined direction for your integration issues that is ahead of market.

Technical Services

Integration Design  |   Coding & DevOps   |   Testing   |   Release & Deployment  |  24/7 Support

We create bespoke integration solutions including ESB's and API's. Our clients benefit from hands-on experience in greenfield deployments, major legacy and cloud migrations, service design and development.

Complex integration development and deployments are our specialty. Our development teams work closely using leading design techniques customised to each environment that are executed with accuracy and speed to connect your systems. The result is a smooth and seamless integration product that creates simplicity, connectivity and capability. 

Vendor Management

Vendor Procurement   |   License Management   |   Discount Packages   |  Auditing & Compliance   |  Training

Being vendor agnostic, we are able to pass on benefits to our customers through vendor management, saving time and opening up opportunities for special deals & discounts. 


We are focused on the best-fit for our customers and will align the best piece of technology suited to budget and requirements. This saves time from sourcing multiple vendor pricing, keeps vendors competitive and allows you immediate access to localised specialist vendor experts that increase value-add. Our partnerships with IBM, MuleSoft, Oracle, WSO2, Redhat, EightWire and Apigee allow us to secure you the best licencing and product options. 

Managed Services

Professional Services   |   Technical Services   |   Vendor Management   |   Subscription Billing  |   Expert Resources at your Disposal

We can run your entire integration systems so that you can concentrate on your core business. While we're doing this, our Architects, Project Managers, Developers and Operations Analysts are working closely to mature your integration capability in anticipation for future growth.

Think of your integration issues as being entirely outsourced, allowing for freeing of resources and troubleshooting for system issues. Our Operations Centre works across multiple environments on a 24/7 support model to maximise efficiencies for our clients, while our DevOps & Consulting teams are constantly working to evolve and solve complex integration issues.