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Paving the way to Digital Futures

How do you stay ahead in a fast-evolving digital world? In this article we talk about emerging technologies, monetisation of cryptocurrencies and IntegrationWorks' Digital Futures.


IntegrationWorks Interns

IntegrationWorks Interns: A day in the life

In September 2017, IntegrationWorks decided to bring a team of interns on-board for the first time. Through the Summer of Tech programme they found us, three Computer Science students who have (finally) finished our degrees at Victoria University!

Integration Developers

Are you avoiding this common integration mistake?

Are you looking to apply digital transformation to your business, or simply planning to connect your existing legacy systems with your next mobile app? Perhaps you have a some market-leading integration technology at hand or you're planning to procure some? But how hard have you thought about the skills you'll need to translate your digital goals and your technology tools into successful integrated solutions?

How good is your Vendor Analysis?

How good is your vendor analysis?

With a huge increase in cloud adoption predicted for 2018, the number of integration solutions available has grown immensely and choosing the right vendor for your business can seem overwhelming.

IntegrationWorks' API Strategy

The IntegrationWorks API Strategy

APIs are a significant engine for business growth, but despite this, most companies have not yet created a formal API Strategy.

APIs for your business

APIs for your business - It's time you took a strategic approach

Despite APIs being a significant engine for business growth, most companies have not yet created a formal API Strategy.