IntegrationWorks and Dell Boomi Webinar, 23rd May 2017

Easy + Expert + Agile = Awesome

The IntegrationWorks team and Dell Boomi have been working behind the scenes again recently to develop integration solutions for customers that offer flexibility, agility, speed and reduced cost of ownership. In this three part blog series, followed by a webinar, we'll be discussing how iPaaS is revolutionising the integration industry and very quickly outrunning traditional integration systems.

First, for those of you not in the know: Dell Boomi delivers the first and only multi-purpose PaaS for AtomSphere integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS), Master Data Management (MDM) and API Management techology, and has most recently been recognised by Gartner for its AtomSphere solution in the "Leaders" quadrant in the Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service. The partnership with IntegrationWorks spans across New Zealand and Australia, to allow customers access to this brilliant technology while having it implemented and optimised by a team of integration experts. 

From our perspective, and what we'll be discussing in our upcoming webinar the world of integration has changed because the applications that organisations are connecting has changed.  Instead of a library of on-premise applications and infrastructure, the new drivers of change are cloud based solutions, SaaS, PaaS and need to reduce complexity from integration itself. 

In our last two blogs, we have been discussing the Citizen Integration desirability of the Boomi platform. However, there are occasions where using integration experts can fuel your Citizen's productivity and ultimately make your Boomi iPaaS instance accessible to all of your new and old infrastructure.

Some examples below:

Boomi on-premise:

An integration expert (such as the ones found at Integration Works) can install Atoms on any IaaS or on your own servers.  With no Boomi tooling to install, getting setup with on-premise is easier than many other platforms and has a lower cost of deployment and implementation.

Connecting your apps and data, DevOps and automation:

Where you don't have citizen integrators or they want some help, an integration expert can help.   Boomi has no build step (What citizens want to build software!?) but the runtime (Atoms) is container friendly so we can bring our containerised Continuous Delivery pipeline to your business.  Even if you prefer a traditional VM approach, our automated test gives our clients extra productivity and peace of mind before going live.

Operations and Support:

Citizens want to connect things and benefit from integration efficiencies but they don't want to worry about monitoring and managing the platform.  An integration expert will be able to add value to the standard monitoring, upgrading and optimising that platform.

Building custom connectors:

Not all your systems are nice new SaaS apps - you might have gnarly old legacy systems that still keep the business running or awesome new microservices to give you agile business differentiation.  For these more custom apps, an integration expert and team of java developers can build you Boomi Connectors that mean that your random disparate application can be connected with ease.

Integration Packs

Boomi offers a feature to further simplify the lives of citizen integrators which takes common data flow functions (specific to your business) and packages them into a nice and easy, reusable, pre-defined integrations.  For instance, lets say that you have several business units that want to send invoices for their respective products into a central accounts payable system.  You can create a reusable pre-defined integration so that ciitzen integrators in the business units can all use a common way of doing the same job.   

With 10+ years experience of iPaaS, Boomi has changed the integration industry.  This change is now driving customers around the globe to re-assess their approach and to question whether their existing platforms are now legacy.  To be able to understand that change, with greater clarity, our integration strategists and consultants are here to guide you through the options, offerings, and questions above to get your business and teams ready to take advantage for citizen integration and iPaaS.

As well as being awesome, it's easy to get started with Boomi, as we'll explain in our upcoming webinar.

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Dell Boomi delivers the first and only multi-purpose PaaS for AtomSphere integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS), Master Data Management (MDM) and API Management, and enables customers to integrate any combination of cloud and on-premises applications without software, appliances or coding. Organizations of all sizes, from growing mid-market companies to very large enterprises, enjoy rapid time to value as a result of drastically reduced implementation times and substantial cost savings over traditional integration, MDM, and API management solutions. Visit for more information.