IntegrationWorks launches in the UK

Global award winning integration solutions provider launches in the UK.

IntegrationWorks, a global award winning specialist enterprise integration consultancy has launched in the United Kingdom. Catering to market demands for integration expertise and 24/7 integration managed services, IntegrationWorks will be partnering with IBM Hybrid Cloud to deliver optimum integration solutions through strategy, architecture, devOps and support services.

Originating in mountainous New Zealand and with offices across Australia, hi-tech firm IntegrationWorks has pioneered into the United Kingdom market to provide high-end integration expertise for enterprise. Although operations are from fairly remote parts of the world, IntegrationWorks packs a big punch in global professional services having recently taken out the global IBM Beacon Award for Outstanding Middleware Solutions in 2016.

With a focus on creating seamless connectivity between on-premise, hybrid and cloud systems, IntegrationWorks UK’s mission will be to enhance the maturity of integration practices for enterprises across the banking and financial services sector.

Taking advantage of the time differences between UK and Asia Pacific, around-the-clock managed integration services will be on hand for UK clients; delivered and supported by the 55 person strong architectural and development team based in New Zealand and Australia.

Spearheading the operation is Bret Duffield, Managing Director of IntegrationWorks United Kingdom. While heading up the UK operation, Bret will work closely with his AU & NZ counterparts to ensure each UK based client is supported and maintained under an efficient managed service model.  

“Enterprises in the United Kingdom today a huge appetite for digital transformation and are realizing that the way to optimize their legacy systems, move to the cloud and build new digital services is through innovative integration platforms.” Duffield says.

“However, enterprises globally lack the internal expertise and ability to build these integration platforms on large scale, while making sure they are flexible and robust. Critically too, being able to support and maintain those systems comes at a financial and resource cost.”

With that in mind, the IntegrationWorks managed service model will be aligning closely with clients to develop integration strategy and road-mapping, design integration layers through architecture and custom building integration platforms, finally deploying onto a 24/7 support and monitoring system. Project based consultancy services plus vendor procurement will make up the entire IntegrationWorks service model for the time-being, with the aim to launch a maturity-assessment product to market later this year.

While historically being a vendor agnostic consultancy, IntegrationWorks UK will be partnering with IBM for technology solutions and utilsing skill of the IntegrationWorks developers who have expertise across the IBM Hybrid Cloud suite.

“Aside from being a strategically brilliant move for our business, our customers around the world will benefit from our UK operations. Our Northern Hemisphere clients will receive the same great 24/7 optimum performance support that we currently provide for our Southern Hemisphere clients. As we grow and expand the UK technical team, globally it will be a win-win for our staff and customers who will receive first-class service from either the UK, AU or NZ depending on the time of day”. Duffield concludes.

IntegrationWorks United Kingdom specializes in integration strategy, architecture and devOps for both on premise, hybrid or cloud based environments. We develop innovative API’s, ESB’s or customised iPaaS solutions using a range of integration consulting and architectural styles including microservices, EAI, SOA and various integration patterns.

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