How good is your Vendor Analysis?

How good is your vendor analysis?

With a huge increase in cloud adoption predicted for 2018, the number of integration solutions available has grown immensely and choosing the right vendor for your business can seem overwhelming.


So how do you choose the right vendor?

Choosing the right vendor for your integration solution can be difficult, and there are several questions you should ask when considering your options, including:

  • Is the solution suitable for your business needs?
  • Can you make the business case for investment?
  • How will you implement the solution?
  • How will you address application security?
  • Should we choose a cloud or hybrid solution for our use case?

IntegrationWorks partners with a range of high performers in integration technology, one of which is IBM, who places as a leader, a challenger and a visionary in a wide range of technology markets.


Ahead of the Game

Forbes’ article on 2017 State of Cloud Adoption and Security notes that by mid 2018, 80% of all IT budgets will be committed to cloud solutions, while 49% of businesses are currently delaying cloud deployment due to security gaps. IBM offers robust solutions which are designed for your data, A.I. ready and secure to the core, providing potential purchasers with peace of mind in their digital transformation.

IBM have had years of experience in the integration game, with a range of expertly developed solutions:

  • Full Lifecycle API Management – API Connect allows you to create, run, test, manage and secure all your APIs in one place.
  • Enterprise iPaas – Multiple proven IBM components work together in a solution that is tailored to your business.
  • Data Integration Tools - Build confidence in your data, govern data in real time and consolidate/retire applications with IBM’s Data Integration Tools.
  • Master Data Management (MDM) - InfoSphere MDM orchestrates your data throughout the complete information lifecycle with a highly configurable framework that supports hybrid cloud environments.
  • Business Process Management – Access and prioritise tasks more easily, enhance decision making with built in visibility and analytics, and manage initial startup costs.
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms – IBM’s BI and Analytics platforms give businesses expertly authored insights, allowing them to predict outcomes, visualise results and more.
  • Application Security Testing - AppScan mitigates app security risks, improves app security program management initiatives and strengthen regulatory compliance efforts, tackling vulnerabilities when they are less expensive to fix.
  • As well as a rich set of DevOps and Cloud tools and platforms.

With such a wide range of robust solutions, IntegrationWorks is able to recommend and work with IBM on a range of our clients’ digital transformation projects. The IntegrationWorks team have collaborated with IBM for many years and developed strong relationships, the power of our relationships and our network provides our clients with faster access to information and to IBM teams across the globe.


So, why does IntegrationWorks work with IBM?

When working with clients on their digital transformation journey, we recommend the best in the business, that’s why IntegrationWorks is an IBM Premier Business Partner.


Want to find out how we partner with our customers and find the right solution for them? Send us an email.


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