IntegrationWorks Australia Expands

IntegrationWorks Australia expands to 18 permanent staff in 18 months since inception.

Global award winning integration services provider IntegrationWorks Australia have significantly expanded their Brisbane and Sydney based teams, responding to a strong demand in the thriving private and public sector.

Following significant growth in Brisbane with a number of enterprise clients and a major Queensland Healthcare government contract win, the company is focusing on tripling their presence in the state as well as taking on larger office space in both Sydney and Melbourne.

“Demand for vendor agnostic integration services in Australia is at an all time high. We’ve got a number of enterprise sized clients in each major city all undergoing major digital transformation projects, all of which require expert integration services wrapped around their selected middleware technology” IntegrationWorks Managing Director, Ian Richards, comments.

With the addition of expert technical integration consultants added to the permanent team, IntegrationWorks Australia is primed to meet the growing demand.

“Finding the right people, who have intricate and detailed knowledge of multiple integration systems for on premise, hybrid or cloud systems, is key to our success. Layered on top of that is our methodologies, processes and quality control measures that ensures we can keep our customers happy and deliver what we promised. Without our people and processes, we’d be fairly slow-moving”, he explains.

While also growing the Australian technical teams, IntegrationWorks Australia also has access to the global award winning IntegrationWorks New Zealand ArchiDevs, DevOps and Integration Consultant staff and systems. This has allowed quick resourcing for specific platform projects across middleware technology including IBM Hybrid Cloud, WSO2, Dell Boomi, MuleSoft and SAP.

“We’re fortunate to be able to access over 14 years of integration experience on over 500 enterprise integration projects from our technical consultants over the ditch. With both countries collaborating as they do, we’re set to build even stronger businesses in each region over the next financial year,” he concludes.