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IntegrationWorks Interns: A day in the life

In September 2017, IntegrationWorks decided to bring a team of interns on-board for the first time. Through the Summer of Tech programme they found us, three Computer Science students who have (finally) finished our degrees at Victoria University!


Summer of Tech was an intense programme, with 1,512 students competing for 132 internships at a range of New Zealand technology organisations. We first met IntegrationWorks at the Summer of Tech meet and greet and quickly made it through to the interview stage where we successfully managed to impress Ian Vanstone (IntegrationWorks' CTO and our mentor) with our 10 minutes speed interviews. This process resulted in Adam Faulkner, Tom McCulloch and myself (Pooja Kokatnur) each gaining a 3 month internship in IntegrationWorks' Wellington office.


Learning + Contributing

We've had our fair share of struggles with technology during our time at IntegrationWorks, but have come out the other side gaining a new set of skills, giving us real-world applications for our knowledge. With the freedom to play with and explore tools that are core to the company, the three of us gained immense value from the exposure to a wide range of technologies, most of which were completely new to us. We have learnt to create processes in Dell Boomi and Kafka, containerise these processes in Docker, test our process using Citrus, all while kicking it off from Jenkins.

Along with learning new skills and technologies, we also had other exciting opportunities presented to us, for example, shadowing an IntegrationWorks developer at client site (NZ Post). Here we were able to sit in on their routines and procedures while on the client side giving us an eye-opening view into our future in the industry.

Each bringing an individual set of skills to the IntegrationWorks team, we have all been able to expand and develop them during our internship with the help of our mentor Ian. Ian has allowed us to work as a team on projects for the company, but has also pushed us to explore our differentiators whilst working on our own personal projects.



What's it like to be a part of IntegrationWorks?

Being able to contribute to the IntegrationWorks team has been a great learning experience for us. Our internship at IntegrationWorks has not only expanded our technical skills, but has allowed us to work with an incredibly supportive and talented team who have always given us their time even on busy days. We have been given continuous guidance from our mentor Ian, who has been responsible for envisioning the projects we have successfully produced so far. Along with having Ian as a mentor, we each were assigned a buddy who frequently met up with us to provide advice and support, easing our transition into the workforce immensely.


Does an internship with IntegrationWorks interest you? Keep an eye out for Ian and the team at the 2018 Summer of Tech meet and greet!


Written by Pooja Kokatnur


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Stay tuned for more exciting updates from myself, Adam Faulkner and Tom McCulloch (the IntegrationWorks interns).


Pooja Kokatnur    

Pooja Kokatnur


Adam Faulkner


Tom McCulloch

Pooja's study sees her intersect technology and marketing - a powerful combo for IntegrationWorks. She's been Java programming for 5 years and has tutored Math and Computer Science students in NZ and Dubai.   Adam joined IntegrationWorks with a wealth of life experience, beginning his working life as an electrician, running his own business, working in 50-degree Perth mining sites, and worked for ACC in Summer of Tech last year.   Tom loves programming because he loves problem solving, and also has an interest in psychology and biology. Growing up in Blenheim, Tom worked summer jobs at vineyards, including work as a Vineyard Supervisor.