IntegrationWorks Operations Team

Meet the IntegrationWorks Operations Team

Operations has long been a firefight, since the inception of the NOC. In many cases and without appropriate guards in place, you are simply reacting to events as they occur, involving layers of humans to respond and resolve to varying degrees of success and quality.

IntegrationWorks are no strangers to Operations, and no strangers to firefighting either, as an employer of volunteer fire fighters in New Zealand.  When Mike isn’t responding to 111 calls he’s in the office and leading the Service Delivery practice which includes our 24x7 global Operations team.

As with a range of front line emergency services we don’t just sit around waiting for things to break, we’re a proactive bunch of firefighters with a range of preventative measures on our fire truck too.


We Do It All

Depending on your services and your business’s needs, we could be monitoring multiple tiers of the application or platform, using smart predictive technologies to know when issues are going to occur and make changes in real time such as increasing capacity or performance.  Or we could be using A.I. to self-heal components in the stack to avoid ever needing to call out Brian and his team of bearded DBAs you keep in the basement.  Sorry Brian.

Automation is key in what we do, and we simplify managing your platforms or app components through a range of bespoke and open source technologies we’ve further developed under our own IntegrationWorks Engine Program.

Our Ops team supports customers around the globe and with offices in NZ, UK and Australia we’re well placed to keep your services under control around the clock.  Our constant health checking means we usually know about issues and are working on or have a resolution before your customers even see any impact, so more uptime for your apps and business critical services.

Over the years we have supported some pretty big global systems, and we continue to do so today.  We work with tertiary education providers, logistics firms, broadcasting and telco service providers, multi-national insurance companies, multiple power companies and health care providers.  In fact, there aren’t many industries we haven’t managed to work alongside.

Having technical staff in multiple geographies means that even when you go home, kick off your shoes, grab your pinot noir and start your Netflix binge of Blacklist, our Ops team continue around the clock and even around the world until any issues are resolved.

At the heart of any Ops team are the people that drive it, and we bring in those with a passion for automation, for pushing boundaries and striving for continuous improvement.  As we’re growing we are also on the hunt for new people to join our team who share our passion for connecting things at an enterprise level so if that sounds like you, maybe you should get in touch!


We Know Our Stuff

Our team are certified and experienced in a range of integration technologies from vendors including CA, Dell Boomi, IBM, MuleSoft, WSO2, and more.  Our support services can be either stand-alone or part of a wider managed service approach that covers architecture, development and test automation. 

If you’d like more information about our integration support services drop Mike an Email or hit him up via Linkedin.