Dell Boomi & IntegrationWorks Webinar

Why Boomi just turned your integration platform into legacy, by Ian Vanstone - CTO IntegrationWorks

The IntegrationWorks CTO, Lead ArchiDev team and Dell Boomi have been working behind the scenes to develop integration solutions for customers that offer flexibility, agility, speed and reduced cost of ownership. In this three-part blog series, followed by a webinar on Tuesday May 23 (11:00am NZST and 9.00am AEST) our CTO Ian Vanstone will be explaining how iPaaS is revolutionising the integration industry and very quickly outrunning traditional integration systems. 


First, for those of you not in the know: Dell Boomi is the world’s leading provider of Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) technology. Based fully in the cloud, Boomi lets organisations connect data and applications with far greater speed and flexibility than point-to-point coding or legacy middleware.

With Master Data Management (MDM) and API Management technology built in, Boomi’s multi-purpose iPaaS has been recognized for four consecutive years as a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service, and ranks at the top of iPaaS evaluations by Forrester, Ovum and G2 Crowd.

Boomi’s partnership with IntegrationWorks spans across New Zealand and Australia to allow customers access to this brilliant technology while having it implemented and optimised by a team of integration experts. 

Why Cloud-Based Integration?

At our May 23 webinar, we’ll take a look at how the ongoing shift from legacy on-premise systems to the cloud has fueled the need for the modern, agile integration capabilities of iPaaS. Cloud-based iPaaS connects both cloud and on-premise applications — a big advantage over traditional middleware that lacks native cloud connectivity.

Without the cost and complexity of traditional integration, iPaaS lets organisations reduce costs, accelerate time to value and focus on innovation and operational efficiencies to drive the business forward.

Boomi was one of the first to foresee these changes and so 10 years ago they built the world's first iPaaS. (Editor’s Note: Yeah – for 10 years Boomi has been offering an iPaaS! That's incredible foresight! A world and industry leader in iPaaS experience!)

Boomi built their platform from the outset with a multi-tenant, cloud-first approach which has kept them ahead of the competition for years. Long behind Boomi's lead, other vendors in recent years have been scrabbling to shoehorn their on-premise integration technology into the cloud, with subpar results.

For the past decade, Boomi has been quietly building advanced features that will change the way you see and do integration. We say "quietly" because Boomi has tended to focus on industry-leading technology and client value ahead of snazzy marketing and buzzword overload. This has not stopped them from growing to over 5,300 customers (and growing!) worldwide – it's always the quiet ones, eh?

Some key points you need to know about Boomi:

  • Boomi is a Citizen Integration platform. This means that integration is now accessible by a wider variety of IT-literate teams, roles and people. Put another way, integration can be achieved at lower cost and more flexibly because you are far less reliant on the costly bottlenecks of a central integration team. This takes the pressure off centralised teams and gives them more space to solve the tougher integration challenges. And this gets the business moving faster. 
  • Industry experts and analysts have long spotted that there is huge overlap in application and data integration, except in the vendor product technology space. Boomi is well on the way to simplifying, aligning and unifying application and data integration by providing, amongst other features, integrated Master Data Management.
  • If you're using a cloud product of any kind (SaaS, PaaS, iPaaS), it's likely that you've signed an agreement to accept regular product updates from the vendor. Those updates are set at the pace of the vendor, which puts pressure on customers to test and update connected systems within set timeframes. Boomi has a wonderful solution to help its customers – it will regression test their apps before releasing new versions. Boomi won’t release new versions until all regression tests are completed and passed. What a feature!


Boomi has other differentiators, including:


·       Boomi Suggest: Makes complex and common data mapping easier for citizen integrators by recommending crowd-sourced common integration mappings.

·       Boomi Resolve: Automatically suggests resolutions for common error messages based on contributions to the Boomi knowledge base.

·       Connector-based licensing: Saves your employees from worrying about the costs of scaling load. 

So let us ask you...

  • Who does the integration in your organisation? Are you reliant on a central team? If your IT-literate business units, teams and roles can't integrate independently with high productivity, you should chat to IntegrationWorks about pulling together a Boomi solution that allows connectivity to your entire environment.
  • Do you have separate teams, processes and technologies for application integration and data integration? If you are interested in ways to simplify, align and unify in the future, chat to IntegrationWorks to compare solutions on how to create alignment in your integration systems with Boomi.
  • How do you ensure your existing cloud apps work as your cloud vendor releases updates to their cloud platform? If you want your cloud vendor to regression test your apps, you should take a look at Boomi as a product.
  • Does your integration platform provide crowd-sourced smarts to drive efficiency in developing and supporting integrations? If not, you should take a look at Boomi.
  • Does your platform come with a rich set of out-of-the-box connectors? If you're paying for infrastructure capacity that you don't need, you should take a look at Boomi. If you need custom-made connectors for disparate applications, you should talk to IntegrationWorks about designing and developing that connector.

With 10+ years experience of iPaaS, Boomi has changed the integration industry. This change is now driving customers around the globe to re-assess their approach and to question whether their existing integration platforms are now legacy.

To be able to understand that change, with greater clarity, our integration strategists and consultants are here to guide you through the options, offerings and questions above to get your business and teams ready to take advantage of citizen integration and iPaaS.

As well as being awesome, it's easy to get started with Boomi, as we'll explain in our next blog post.

If you're interested in learning more join IntegrationWorks CTO, Lead ArchiDev and the Boomi Technical Team at the May 23rd Webinar here




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