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IntegrationWorks API journey and API Economy

The API Economy - API technology connectivity for beginners

Before we kick off for another massive week at IntegrationWorks after Easter and after our highly successful API Economy tech-breakfast sessions in Australia, we’ve taken some feedback from people who are wanting to learn more about the API Economy but who are not sure where to start or what the overall process looks like. So, given our experience and expertise in all things API and integration, our Chief Technology Officer Ian Vanstone thought he’d break it down into a step-by-step article, where all you do is have to follow the steps and ask us questions.

API Tech-Breakfast Seminars

Your invite to the API tech-breakfast seminars | SYDNEY | BRISBANE | MELBOURNE

As part of IntegrationWorks’ launch into Australia, we will be hosting some breakfast sessions that focus on on the API Economy and how companies can grow successful businesses using revolutionary API strategies, architectures and technology.

IBM Beacon Award for Outstanding Middleware Solution

IntegrationWorks wins 2016 IBM Beacon Award for Outstanding Middleware Solution

New Zealand & Australian IT company IntegrationWorks has been named the winner of a prestigious global 2016 IBM Beacon Award for Outstanding Middleware Solution for integration projects delivered to New Zealand Racing Board.

IntegrationWorks Launches in Australia

IntegrationWorks launches in Australia

IntegrationWorks, a specialist enterprise integration consultancy has launched an Australian office to cater for market demands for expertise in integration architecture, devOps and middleware vendor management. As part of a structured growth strategy, the New Zealand based company will be deploying teams of integration specialists to undertake various engagements across the eastern seaboard of Australia.

Microservices and Collaboration

Microservices & Collaboration

In the series so far we've focused on the high level implications of microservices for traditional enterprises, including an overview of the microservices foundations that we use to help our clients get more value (and less surprises!) from microservices adoption. We now take a step back a little to clarify what microservices are, who delivers them, and why collaboration is vital. We also provide a couple of recommendations to ensure that teams collaborate effectively.

Integration Architecture Design

Integration Architecture - how much design is enough?

Our thriving Integration Architecture team have interesting design challenges when working across multiple client sites. In this blog, Barry Phease, one of our highly skilled Integration Architects compares the advantages of informal and formal design and why companies should consider both options dependant on their overall integration needs.